Parking lot paving and asphalt milling near Tuckahoe VA

Parking lot paving and asphalt milling near Tuckahoe VA

The skilled paving contractors at Finley Asphalt & Concrete – Richmond recently did a commercial asphalt paving and milling job in Richmond VA.

The commercial parking lot was nearly 40 years old and was in rough shape. There were lots of cracks and dips in the pavement, which made it difficult for traffic to get around – especially trucks. The property manager was tasked with finding a company to take care of their lot. He did extensive research on local paving companies and decided he liked what he saw on the surface here, so he called us for an estimate.

Before the parking lot project started in Richmond VA

We were in the area and were able to visit the job site that same week. We determined that the entire lot needed to be milled and paved – not only because it was in poor condition but also because it needed to be reinforced to be able to stand up to the regular load of deliveries the facility receives.
We scheduled to begin over the weekend, when business was slower for the client. We started out by milling then paved 5 inches in the back lot and 2 inches in the parking lot, putting in a total of 470 tons of paving to ensure the asphalt would not fail.

The client loves their new lot and thanked us for a job well done!

Asphalt Milling – Richmond VA
After the asphalt milling and paving was completed – Richmond VA