Richmond, VA – Things to do

Richmond, VA – Things to do

Richmond VA has an estimated population of 228,783 and offers lots of great things that are worth your time. Whether you’re a history buff or a thrill-seeker, you’ll surely love this vibrant city. Start your adventure by learning about historical landmarks like St. John’s Church, State Capital, and Monument Avenue.

Richmond is home to the largest botanical gardens. It’s no wonder the city sits on historical grounds that spread over 40 acres. The Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens is a conservatory to exotic plants. There’s also a children’s playground where the kids can get hands-on exploration. Nature enthusiasts can relax in an aesthetically pleasing environment or explore cobblestone paths. Once you’re done, you can enjoy your favorite meal at the Garden Café. You’ll surely enjoy the calming and sensory experience.

During summer, you should head to Hadad’s Lake. You can launch off the blob or jump from the rope swing into the 15-foot swimming area. For the young ones, they can hang in the shallow pools. There are many picnic tables, numerous gazebos, and an assortment of pavilions to ensure you have a great time. But the fun doesn’t end there. You’ll find basketball courts and golf courses for those who want to take a break from swimming.

A Historical Gem, Richmond

Be prepared to travel back to history by taking a tour to the Museum of Confederacy. There’s a lot of information on the wars won and a collection of civil war artifacts known in the country. You’ll also see personal belongings of confederate generals like Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee. To enrich your historical perspective, you can take a guided tour on three floors.

Discover Richmond’s food by visiting the recently established arts district. You can try a diverse array of local eateries like Tarrant’s Café, Mama J’s, Lift Coffee Shop and Café, and the Cultured Swine. Don’t forget to try the local wines and beer. There’re many wineries and distillers to choose from. You can also take Richmond craft brewery tour and engage with alcohol producers.

If you’re looking for a well-rounded city, then Richmond VA is the place to be.