Pavement Markings and Signs

Parking Lot Striping and Signage

Our expert striping crews are capable of laying out and painting new parking lots, curb painting and marking, or restriping existing parking lots.
Our marking services include painting of parking spaces, handicap parking spaces, loading zones, reserved and visitor spaces, and more. We also install all types of traffic control signs such as handicap parking signs, stop signs, yield signs, no parking, fire lane signs, and loading zone.

The painting or repainting of yellow fire lane curbing is also part of our services. We can also remove existing yellow paint that has built up from many years of repainting. We then apply a penetrating concrete yellow stain that will never flake or peel.

We also install concrete or recycled rubber parking blocks used to stop a vehicle before it drives into a sign or on top of a sidewalk.

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