Why Choose Finley?

Why Choose Finley?


Long story short? Family. Passion. And Expertise.

Finley Asphalt and Concrete has been family-owned for over 50 years. This gives our customers confidence that we will be around long after the project is completed.
With that history comes financial security. We can provide a payment and performance bond for any project that we undertake. We also maintain strong supplier relationships, which enable us to get the quantity of materials required for your Richmond project when and where needed. These excellent supplier relationships also mean we do not require any up front deposits prior to starting your job.
We value and depend on the employees to perform the work. In addition to the Finley family, we employ many other employees that have their family working at Finley as well.

We’re passionate about our work. We never use subcontractors to perform the asphalt work, ensuring both a quality job and the ability to control the scheduling.
Owners, Erick and Lewis Finley are heavily involved in the day-to-day operations and routinely visit project sites, large and small.


  • With over 200 highly skilled employees, we can perform small projects or large projects with the same level of expertise and customer service.
  • The paving business relies heavily on trucks and equipment, and breakdowns are inevitable. No problem. With a modern fleet of equipment and trucks valued at $10.0 million+, we have enough equipment to send out a replacement so that the project can progress without costly delays.
  • As a larger contractor we buy our products in bulk and are able and use state-of-the-art equipment. This enables us to pass the savings onto our customers.
  • We’re pre-qualified with the Virginia Department of Transportation #F373. Not only does this allow to bid and work on projects with VDOT. A contractor that is pre-qualified with VDOT has gone through a rigorous pre-qualification study that looks at contractors past performance, safety history, and the financial and bonding capacity.
  • We are fast and efficient. When Finley undertakes a project it is in everyone’s best interest to perform the work as timely as possible so the public can have the use of the parking lot or roadway. Finley has the horsepower to get in and get out with limited inconvenience.
  • With offices located in Northern VA and Richmond, VA, this allows us to service customers in the entire Mid-Atlantic area.
  • We are a zero-tolerance, 100% drug-free workplace. Pre-employment drug tests are performed on all potential employees, and every employee is subject to random drug testing.
  • We are licensed in VA, MD, DC, and WV.