Sealcoating and Crack Filling

Sealcoating and Crack Filling

How do I know that I need sealcoating or crack filling?

Though it’s more durable than concrete, asphalt is subject to weathering and damage from wear. Water can flow into the asphalt surface and cause cracks when it freezes, or potholes can form when puddles freeze. Temperature changes and UV ray exposure can also cause surface cracks. In these cases, pavement repair services like crack filling and seal coating can save your asphalt paving, prolonging its life for years.

Our Crack Filling Services

To properly fill cracks in asphalt paving, you need professionals using high quality products in the correct way. We first thoroughly clean debris like leaves or dirt from all cracks to ensure the filler binds properly. Then we pour a hot bitumen and polymer mix product into the cracks, and this binds with the existing asphalt to create a smooth surface. This can be done with small cracks, called crack filling, or with potholes, called asphalt patching. With professional crack filling services, you can trust that your commercial parking lot or private road will be safe for years.

Asphalt Sealcoating Process

Another vital pavement repair service is sealcoating, but what does that really mean? A seal coat is a special product made up of asphalt blended with polymers to provide UV coating and resurfacing to asphalt paving. We pour the highest quality sealcoat over your damaged asphalt surface to seal up any hairline cracks and even out patches. A high quality asphalt sealcoat also protects the surface from UV rays and weathering, prolonging the life of your commercial parking lot or private roadway.

What to Expect with Finley Asphalt

Founded in Fairfax, VA over 50 years ago, Finley Asphalt are the most trusted commercial asphalt paving contractors in the Richmond, VA area. If your local parking lot or roadway has seen better days, we know just the solution to make it safe and beautiful again. Our crack filling and sealcoating services will breathe new life into your asphalt paving.