Pavement Sweeping

Pavement Sweeping

Safety Starts with Clean Asphalt Pavement

Whether you have a large commercial parking lot or road, power sweeping is key to maintaining a safe asphalt surface. Asphalt paving represents a major investment in your property, and it only makes sense to keep it clean. The way to do this is with professional power sweeping services from a trusted asphalt contractor. With power sweeping, professionals remove all abrasive dirt, gravel, or other debris that can damage sealcoating, pavement markings, or even cause cracks and wear using high quality sweeping equipment and proven products.

Do I Need Power Sweeping Services?

All our local commercial customers can benefit from power sweeping services. Asphalt paving can get dirty through weathering, pollen, nearby construction, or just vehicles driving over it. Power sweeping your asphalt keeps it beautiful but also prolongs its life, and a power sweep is a necessary first step before sealcoating or repaving. For commercial parking lots or private roads, power sweeping is a vital service to keep your property clean and hazard-free. A power sweep is also a great last step after completing construction to leave the property looking great and keep nearby roads safe as well.

Our Power Sweep Process

Finley Asphalt has the latest in modern power sweeping technology in order to keep your paving clean and debris-free, no matter the size. Our asphalt experts work with our valued customers to determine the best asphalt maintenance or repair services for your property, and then professionally clean the surface to keep your asphalt parking lot safe and preserve your pavement markings or sealcoat. Power sweeping is a vital part of our full service asphalt installation process too, so that we leave your property clean and beautified.

As a local paving company for over 50 years, we’re proud to provide the Richmond, VA area with quality power sweeping and other asphalt maintenance services. If your commercial property needs a new parking lot or just needs a facelift, contact us for an estimate today.