Parking lot sealcoating project for HOA near Midlothian VA

Parking lot sealcoating project for HOA near Midlothian VA

The team of experienced pavers from Finley Asphalt and Concrete – Richmond recently did a parking lot sealcoating and crack filling job for a neighborhood swimming pool lot in Moseley, VA (just south of Midlothian).

The parking lot was previously patched and repaired but needed a new facelift. The homeowners’ association swimming pool lot was full of cracks and newly developed potholes. The members of the HOA decided it was time to have the lot repaired, so they got to work finding an asphalt paving contractor to work with.

Before – Parking lot repair

Several members of the HOA asked around for referrals and they were surprised at how many recommended Finley Asphalt and Concrete. They gave us a call to have us come look at their lot. We made it to their site the next morning and decided that the asphalt was in need of repair. We discussed options with them and scheduled to start the job the following Monday.

Our crew arrived at 8 am on Monday morning and got to work. They drilled down to an 8” depth of 12 square yards of previous asphalt and repaired the area that needed extra help. They also did sealcoating and crack filling across 3,000 square yards. Once the lot was finished being repaired and sealcoated, they restriped the entire parking lot.

The lot looks like new and the HOA was thrilled and said the lot was ready for summer pool traffic!

Thank you for trusting Finley Asphalt & Concrete – Richmond with your asphalt needs.

After – Parking lot sealcoating and striping