Fire Station Parking lot paving project near Midlothian

Fire Station Parking lot paving project near Midlothian

The Finley Asphalt & Concrete crew recently installed a heavy-duty trench drain and new asphalt for a fire station in Powhatan, just 15 miles West of Midlothian VA

The parking lot at the fire station was very old. It had significant deterioration with many bad areas that were cracking. The fire station decided it was important that they have heavy duty paving done to support the weight of the fire trucks and their equipment.

They resorted to a qualified list to find a paving expert in the area. Finley was on the list, stating that we had qualifications to perform work of this magnitude so they gave us a call. We sent an expert out the next day to take a look at their parking lot. We determined that they were right and heavy-duty asphalt needed to be installed. We explained to them the process we would execute to get them the quality asphalt required to withstand heavy traffic. They accepted our bid and asked us to fit them in our schedule.

Our crew started by undercutting the existing road, laid stone and installed heavy-duty asphalt, called 13-inch full depth paving. By installing this, it ensures that the road will be ready to support the fire engines as they hurry off to help people in the community. We also installed a heavy-duty trench drain. The crew had the job done within two and a half-days and the parking lot looks new and is ready to perform!

Thanks for choosing Finley Asphalt & Concrete for your heavy-duty asphalt parking lot paving needs.