Excavation and SIte Preparation

Excavation and Site Preparation

What are excavation & site preparation services?

The Finley Asphalt experts work with our valued customers from the very beginning to install lasting and durable asphalt paving. This starts with a thorough site inspection, which helps us understand the lay of the land and uncover any drainage issues. After understanding the site, our professional contractors can level out the area to be paved, create drainage areas, clear the site of any debris, and then use top notch equipment to compact the soil.

A good asphalt construction starts with a level, compacted, properly graded, strong subase. This means that the base of the asphalt paving, whether that’s a private road or commercial parking lot, needs to have proper drainage to prevent water damage. The soil also needs to be solid and stable to withstand wear. With proper excavation equipment, professional asphalt contractors can compact the soil and level it perfectly for proper drainage.

Our Excavation & Drainage Services

After a complete survey of the site, we draft a detailed plan to grade the site to ensure that all water will run away from the asphalt paving, saving it from damage including potholes, cracks, and crumbling. We use only top notch equipment to clear and level the paving area, compact the soil, and lay down a stable base of crushed concrete and/or gravel. Our quality grading and site preparation services ensure that your asphalt paving will last for years.

Finley Asphalt, Helping Our Customers from the Ground Up

Since we have over 50 years experience with paving services in the Richmond, VA area, the professionals at Finley Asphalt understand what local property owners need in their paving projects. Our service starts from the moment we lay eyes on your site with our excellent site preparation and excavation. We stay in touch with you throughout the process to keep your trust, and we leave every job site clean and beautiful. If you want to add a stable, durable, beautiful parking lot or roadway to your property, contact us today.