Commercial paving and asphalt milling project in Henrico County VA

Commercial paving and asphalt milling project in Henrico County VA

The commercial paving crew at Finley Asphalt & Concrete recently completed an asphalt milling, paving and parking lot striping job for a client in Henrico, VA.

The property owner noticed a lot of issues with the parking lot at his place of business. The parking lot had major drainage issues and cracks that had formed as a result. He had worked with Finley in the past for paving project on other properties so he called us without hesitation to come take a look.

We came on a Wednesday, right after lunch, to look at the parking lot. There used to be islands on the property that a different contractor previously took out and patched the asphalt in where they used to be. Unfortunately, this caused water to puddle on the new patches, leading to significant drainage issues. That was the first reason the client wanted us to fix his parking lot. The second reason was that there was a need for a few additional parking spaces. We gave him a quote, which he promptly accepted and we scheduled to begin the following month.

Our crew arrived as scheduled and got to work right away. They milled the entire parking lot, correcting the drainage issues then ensured it was properly graded. The crew then repaved the entire lot. Once the paving project was complete, Finley was able to stripe the lot and add in 4 new parking spaces.

The client was not only thrilled with the new looking lot and additional spaces, but he was glad to know that the drainage problem was fixed and the lot was paved properly this time because he hired us!