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The Tuckahoe, Virginia area has the best asphalt and pavement experts, Finley Asphalt & Concrete. We’ve been serving the area for over 55 years, when we were founded in Fairfax by Lonnie Finley, Sr. Lonnie passed the business to his sons in 1990, making us one of the longest family-owned and operated contractors in the Virginia area. We know your local needs inside and out, and we keep up with the latest in asphalt and paving technology to best meet those needs.

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  • Asphalt Resurfacing & Milling

  • Parking Lot Repair

  • Parking Lot Paving

  • Pavement Marking

  • Parking lot Sweeping

The Finley Way

– Our 50 plus years of experience in paving means we can handle any type of asphalt or concrete job with professionalism.
– We’re dedicated to quality of work and customer service, treating our VA customers with respect and care.
– Every single one of our asphalt and concrete contractors are fully trained and licensed, so we can work efficiently and cleanly.

About Tuckahoe, VA

Located in Henrico County, Virginia right near Richmond, Tuckahoe is a lovely small town to live or visit. The population is around 45,000 on nearly 21 square miles. Named for the historic Thomas Randolph Tuckahoe Plantation, the town is located right on the James River. With these notable features, Tuckahoe has a lot to offer visitors who love historical sites as well as outdoor water activities. Visitors who enjoy fine dining and high end shopping will also find a lot to enjoy.

West Broad Street in Tuckahoe, VA offers the best in fine art, quality shopping experiences, and fine dining, so it’s the place to visit for the modern tourist. Broad Street has a local art museum and dining experiences, as well as all the modern conveniences and stores. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy hiking and river activities at Robious Landing Park or at the many parks and rec centers along the James River, such as Midlothian Mines Park.

Lovers of history can visit the Tuckahoe Plantation for historical experiences. As the boyhood home of Thomas Jefferson, the site offers so much to learn about the founding of our nation and life in the 18th century. Monument Avenue also highlights the long history of this part of Virginia, and families can learn so much about the region’s past with a lazy afternoon stroll.

Parking lot paving and asphalt milling near Tuckahoe VA

The skilled paving contractors at Finley Asphalt & Concrete – Richmond recently did a commercial asphalt paving and milling job in Richmond VA.

The commercial parking lot was nearly 40 years old and was in rough shape. There were lots of cracks and dips in the pavement, which made it difficult for traffic to get around – especially trucks. The property manager was tasked with finding a company to take care of their lot. He did extensive research on local paving companies and decided he liked what he saw on the surface here, so he called us for an estimate.

Before the parking lot project started in Richmond VA

We were in the area and were able to visit the job site that same week. We determined that the entire lot needed to be milled and paved – not only because it was in poor condition but also because it needed to be reinforced to be able to stand up to the regular load of deliveries the facility receives.
We scheduled to begin over the weekend, when business was slower for the client. We started out by milling then paved 5 inches in the back lot and 2 inches in the parking lot, putting in a total of 470 tons of paving to ensure the asphalt would not fail.

The client loves their new lot and thanked us for a job well done!

Asphalt Milling – Richmond VA
After the asphalt milling and paving was completed – Richmond VA