Asphalt Contractor in Richmond completes project for Henrico County school

Asphalt Contractor in Richmond completes project for Henrico County school

Finley Asphalt & Concrete completed an asphalt milling and paving job for a local elementary school in Richmond, VA. We also added new line striping once the project was complete!

Henrico Elementary School has a play court that needed significant attention. There were multiple cracks across the entire surface in addition to deterioration on the pavement surface. Some rock was exposed and the pavement appeared coarse in many spots. The school board determined that it was time to have the play area taken care of before school resumes in the fall.

The school board requested estimates from multiple paving contractors, including our paving crew. Ultimately we obtained the paving contract to do the work. Scheduling was vital as they wanted the job to be performed while school was out and also that the time be coordinated before the staff needed to come back to access the building regularly.

Once we established the timeline for the project, we were ready to get started on the job. Our crew prepared the area for milling first, which is the process of removing and recycling existing asphalt pavement in order to restore and correct any errors in the asphalt’s current surface. During this process, the first step is to remove the top layer of asphalt, then we grind up the material in a milling machine, restoring it to the necessary consistency to create fresh pavement. This process was completed very quickly.

Once the milling process was complete, the rest of the project came together quickly. We re-paved the entire play court then compacted the asphalt to the contract specifications (which are the same specs as specified by the Virginia Department of Transportation). Once the asphalt was laid and compacted, we did line striping in the appropriate areas.

The school was very pleased with how the court turned out. The staff and students commented on how it looked brand new!