Parking lot paving, milling and concrete project near Centreville VA

Finley Asphalt & Concrete had the opportunity to complete an asphalt milling, paving, concrete curb and gutter replacement project for a local neighborhood in West Centreville, VA.

The neighborhood roadways, curbs and gutters were in need of attention in London Towne. The property management company that services the area knew that the last few harsh winters had taken a toll on this private roadway and all of the parking areas. Because we have worked with the property management company on multiple other properties of theirs, they did not hesitate to contact us to get the job done.

They called us, asking us to fit them in as we could and we had room to start about 6 weeks out. Our crew arrived early on a Monday morning and began by milling the top two inches of asphalt from the top of the surface of the roadways and parking lots. We did work in sections to disrupt the flow of traffic and the residents’ parking experience as minimally as possible. We then cut the sections out that needed to be replaced altogether. Once we finished that, we confirmed that the grading was correct in each area, formed the concrete drub and gutter and poured the concrete prior to paving. Once the concrete had time to cure, our paving crew returned to finish the job!

The property management company and the residents were thrilled with the new access roadway and parking areas. They were also glad we worked in a way that didn’t disrupt their flow of traffic much at all!

Thank you for choosing Finley Asphalt & Concrete for your commercial parking lot and roadway paving needs!

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