Parking lot asphalt milling and overlay in Columbia, MD

Multiple Finley Asphalt & Concrete paving crews worked together on a commercial parking lot overlay, striping and asphalt milling project for a client in Columbia, MD.

The client is an existing customer of ours who has been in the midst of a two hear phasing project with us. It had previously been about 10 years since the customer had anything done to the parking lot. Although the lot wasn’t in terrible condition at the time, it was definitely time for a re-vamp.

Two of our crews worked together on this project to ensure the parking lot was finished rapidly. A swift turnaround was important to both our client and us, so the management and tenants were not inconvenienced for long.

We started this phase on a Tuesday morning with edge milling, which is the process of milling the asphalt near concrete curbs, metal pans and manholes. Our paving experts milled the existing asphalt in these areas and cleaned the entire area of any debris. Then we did a 5,000 ton overlay on this large parking lot. Once the overlay process was complete and the lot was ready for the next step, we did line striping across the entire lot.

The new facelift for the lot looks fantastic and the client was thrilled with both the product and how quickly the work was performed. Thank you for choosing Finley for your parking lot repair needs.

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