Northern Virginia – Interesting Facts

Northern Virginia (NOVA) is the most populous region in Virginia with an estimated population of 3,149,413 residents. It includes counties like Fairfax, Arlington, Falls Church, Manassas Park, and the independent cities of Alexandria. Here are some facts about Northern Virginia.

Nova is known for its incredible museums and exhibits. You can explore your favorite art and technological innovations. History buffs can take an educational trip through the beautiful displays that never lie. The Frank Lloyd Lighthouse is one of the oldest history museums in Northern Virginia. It was commissioned in 1939 and uses natural materials to create a sense of spacious abode. In 1964, Marjorie Leighey donated the 1200 feet facility to the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The house tells a story of innovative designs.

Another interesting fact is that the Air force Memorial museum honors the service of men and women in the United States air force. This includes the aviation section, division of military aeronautics, US signal Corps, and the US army forces. Here, you’ll find the historical arms of the military of more than 50,000 men who have died in combat. Keep in mind the Air Force memorial Museum can be seen on the skyline of Northern Virginia.

Alexandria Black History Museum documents the history of African Americans who contributed to history. It’s located at Parker-Gray Historic district and offers lectures, exhibitions and special events throughout the year. The building that houses the museum was built in 1940 as the first African American library.

Ben Lomond is one of a kind museum with signatures of the federal museum. Although it was originally part of the NOVA land grant, the building was later owned by Robert Carter III. After he died, his grandson inherited the house and built a two-story building, smokehouse and a servant quarter. After the battle of Manassas, this house was used as a confederate state hospital. When you tour the building, you can touch, smell, and feel the taste of history. Finally, the Alexandria Archeology Museum has artifacts that date up to the 18th century. It displays local pottery and civil war items.

All these museum facts are relevant in the history of Northern Virginia.

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