Can’t complain about the weather! With all this unseasonably warm temperatures; Finley has been able to maintain an almost unheard of work load into December. On Saturday alone, we were able to complete three large jobs in beautiful 72 degree weather.

River Ridge Community Association

Last week, Finley team members attended a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new trail we installed at the River Ridge Community this past fall. This was one of the longest trail of the year, over 1.5 miles! We thoroughly enjoyed working with the River Ridge Community Association Board and we know that this trail will see a lot of heavy use!

Republic Services

This is the final phase at the Republic Services Manassas facility. The final phase included almost 3,000 square yards of 6” full depth asphalt repairs and 1,800 square yards of 8” full depth repairs with new stone base. Republic Services has been a fantastic client and work has already begun at their Old Dominion facility.

Four Mile Run Park

Another trail! Finley crews completed 1,500 feet of trails at the Four Mile Run Park in Alexandria, VA. The weather was so nice; we bought our crews pizza for lunch! Not many other contractors can perform the kind of trail work that Finley does and it is one part of recreational paving we a very proud of.

Sterling Business Park

Finley was contracted by Davis Construction to construct the brand new parking lots and roadways at the new Sterling Business Park development. This project has been running all summer and will continue into next year. We will be providing a more in-depth look into this job after all the work has been completed.

COPT Data Center 4

This was another project that we were able to be complete because of this warm weather! Finley was contracted by COPT to repave the main entrance and all the parking lots around the data center. This was one of the three large jobs we completed on Saturday, December 12th.

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