Recreational Paving Project Near Tysons VA

Our specialized crew at Finley Asphalt and Concrete recently began a 2 year rehabilitation project of a 14-mile long-existing trail system in addition to adding a new section of trail in a HOA community in Sterling, VA (just 20 minutes West of Tysons)

In addition to paving roads and parking lots, Finley Asphalt and Concrete also specializes in recreational paving, including trails, basketball courts, running tracks, tennis courts, etc. This work requires different types of equipment and trained crews in order to successfully perform projects of this nature.

For this particular project, the trails needed lots of work. They showed many signs of wear, including cracking and pooling of water. We started working with this HOA client last year and have continued to partner with them this year.

Our crew started by excavating the existing trails in sections, then laid new asphalt. In this case, the trail repair and installation is not accessible by dump truck, which may make it difficult for other paving companies to transport asphalt to the paving machine. Some companies use a skid steer loader but these machines tend to have a smaller payload and wreak havoc on the existing asphalt and surrounding landscaping. We at Finley utilize a “Dumper,” which is a small dump truck that operates on flotation tires that prevent significant disruption to the existing asphalt and landscaping.

The new trails look fantastic and the HOA is thrilled.

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