Concrete driveway repair for apartment complex in Washington DC

Finley Asphalt & Concrete recently completed a concrete driveway repair project for an apartment complex located in Washington DC.

The existing driveway had several problems, including large cracks and surface problems that needed more than just patching. The property manager knew that there had to be a bigger problem with the driveway beyond just cracks and wanted to have more investigation, so he ran a google search for reputable concrete repair contractors in the Washington DC area and found us.

The property manager gave us a call right away to schedule an evaluation. Upon our initial site inspection, we noticed that there was not only cracking but sinking on the driveway, which signified that there were deeper problems. We knew we would at the very least have to repave the driveway but we wanted to get underneath to determine if there were more problems. He was impressed with our expertise and asked us to put him on the schedule.

We were able to get started the next month, removing the existing surface first. It turned out that the sub-base was mud, which explained some of the problems experienced. We had to do an additional 4” depth undercut and install 50 tons of new stone before we could repave the surface. Once finished, we repaved the driveway with 70 CY of concrete.

The driveway looks great now and drainage issues are fixed as well. Thanks for choosing Finley Asphalt & Concrete for your concrete driveway repair!

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