Commercial Paving Contractor in Centreville, VA

Since 1965, Finley Asphalt and Concrete has been providing top notch paving services for Centreville, VA and the surrounding area, including everything from drainage services to installing large commercial parking lots. We also care about our local DC area residential customers, and can install beautiful, durable driveways and walkways that last for decades and increase your curb appeal.

Asphalt & Concrete Services in the Centreville, VA Area

  • Parking Lot Paving

  • Asphalt Milling

  • Parking Lot Repair

  • Drainage Installation

  • Parking Lot Sealcoating

Why Choose Us

  • We’re your trusted local concrete and asphalt experts because we have been professionally installing asphalt parking lots, concrete walkways, and much more since 1965.
  • We have been family owned for our long history, which means we understand the importance of treating our customers like family.
  • Our asphalt experts are continually learning more about drainage, asphalt milling, and all other aspects of the paving industry so that we can offer you the best paving services in the area.

All About Centreville, VA

Located in the Fairfax area of Northern Virginia, Centreville is considered a large suburb of Washington, DC, with a 2010 population of just over 70,000 residents. The town was named for its central location within the DC, Alexandria and Georgetown area when it was incorporated way back in 1792, and it remained a hub of transportation throughout the years. In the Civil War, the town served as a supply depot for both armies, as well as becoming the site of the first US military railroad. Modern local historical societies celebrate this history with yearly events in the area. Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center is a local aviation museum that shows off the history of transportation in the area, but visitors can also enjoy historical sites like the Manassas National Battlefield Park.

The densely populated, bustling city of Centreville, VA also boasts a ton of modern attractions and activities for tourists and longtime residents alike. SplashDown Waterpark has a ton of water slides and fun for families, though there are also many public parks with water access. These include Ellanor C. Lawrence Park and Bull Run Regional Park, which also offers hiking and picnicking areas. Modern conveniences also enliven the area, such as the fine dining opportunities at the Winery at Bull Run and Sweetwater Tavern. Those that enjoy high end shopping can also find a lot to do at Centrewood Plaza and Centreville Crest Shopping Center.

Paving Contractor facilitates neighborhood rehabilitation project in Centreville VA

The asphalt paving experts at Finley Asphalt & Concrete performed a neighborhood rehabilitation project for a community in Centreville, VA, including milling and paving the roads and trails and ensuring better drainage with French drain installation and curb and gutter replacements.

Our crew has worked in the Centreville community in the past, previously milling and paving a different section of town so they knew they could trust us to help out with this project. The roads were showing significant signs of water damage due to numerous drainage issues throughout. The curbs were damaged or sunken throughout the community in many areas, the trails needed to be re-paved and the gutters also were failing.

We started out by addressing the curb and drainage issues first, paving the trails and then milling and paving all of the neighborhood courts and streets. The curb replacement process took place in several areas throughout the community. Areas that were sunken caused water to pool in parking bay or drive lanes, which lead to liabilities and potential asphalt failure. Our crew replaced the curbs as necessary.

One location required a French drain installation to prevent future premature deterioration of the asphalt. Water was pumping up through the asphalt from a subsurface source and caused the asphalt to rapidly deteriorate. Our crew saw cut and excavated the asphalt for the French drain, then laid pipe. We installed 500 feet of a French drain system to mitigate subsurface water from coming up and paved over it all once finished.

The trails were in fairly good condition overall but still needed asphalt overlay. One area of the trail also needed to be raised to help with drainage so we adequately addressed that problem as well and installed new piping.

Finally, we milled and paved all courts and streets in the community! Now the roadway is restored, the curbs are functioning and the trails are completed for residents to use! The entire community is thrilled to have all of the drainage issues fixed and everything looks new!

Parking lot paving, milling and concrete project near Centreville VA

Finley Asphalt & Concrete had the opportunity to complete an asphalt milling, paving, concrete curb and gutter replacement project for a local neighborhood in West Centreville, VA.

The neighborhood roadways, curbs and gutters were in need of attention in London Towne. The property management company that services the area knew that the last few harsh winters had taken a toll on this private roadway and all of the parking areas. Because we have worked with the property management company on multiple other properties of theirs, they did not hesitate to contact us to get the job done.

They called us, asking us to fit them in as we could and we had room to start about 6 weeks out. Our crew arrived early on a Monday morning and began by milling the top two inches of asphalt from the top of the surface of the roadways and parking lots. We did work in sections to disrupt the flow of traffic and the residents’ parking experience as minimally as possible. We then cut the sections out that needed to be replaced altogether. Once we finished that, we confirmed that the grading was correct in each area, formed the concrete drub and gutter and poured the concrete prior to paving. Once the concrete had time to cure, our paving crew returned to finish the job!

The property management company and the residents were thrilled with the new access roadway and parking areas. They were also glad we worked in a way that didn’t disrupt their flow of traffic much at all!

Thank you for choosing Finley Asphalt & Concrete for your commercial parking lot and roadway paving needs!

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