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Parking Lot Milling and Paving in Washington DC

“I can’t begin to tell you how amazingly happy we are with our new parking lot, especially me. It looks amazing!! I never thought I would be so excited about new pavement. Thank you to you and your team for all of the awesome prep work, your kindness, and your amazing customer service. And thank you for the follow-through. You guys left our place looking great.”

In the heart of Washington, DC, a rental property owner experienced unparalleled joy and satisfaction with Finley Asphalt and Concrete‘s parking lot milling and paving services. This glowing testimonial is a testament to Finley’s commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and customer-centric approach. Let’s get into how we did it!

Transforming Spaces: Parking Lot Milling and Paving in Washington DC

asphalt parking lot milling

The parking lot, worn out from years of heavy traffic, presented a pavement challenge. However, the rental property owner found a trustworthy paving partner to address the wear and tear. The service involved a strategic mill and pave process designed to breathe new life into the aging asphalt. This process eliminates imperfections, provides a durable foundation, and significantly enhances the aesthetics of the space. For property owners, it signifies an investment in safety, longevity, and overall property value.

The service process began with parking lot milling, a methodical approach to remove damaged pavement and lay the foundation for a comprehensive transformation. Finley’s expertise then came to the forefront with asphalt paving, creating a fresh and smooth surface that not only addressed functional concerns but also enhanced the visual appeal of the pavement. Beyond the basics, Finley’s commitment extended to smoothing and finishing the parking lot, ensuring a safe and comfortable place to park for tenants and visitors alike. The rejuvenated space was more than just pavement; it was a testament to Finley’s dedication to providing top-notch services to property owners in Virginia and the Washington, DC, area.

parking lot milling and pavingParking lot milling and paving, as exemplified by this project, offer a holistic solution for worn-out surfaces. For property owners seeking transformation, Finley is the reliable partner to breathe new life into the pavement and elevate the overall appeal of rental and retail spaces.

Ready to experience the joy of a transformed parking lot?

Contact Finley Asphalt and Concrete today for a consultation, and let us pave the way to a revitalized space!


Expert Asphalt Milling and Road Paving in Ruther Glen, VA

Nestled in the scenic Ruther Glen, VA, a rural subdivision with a dedicated HOA faced a common challenge: degraded roads needing immediate attention. They needed them fixed before winter ice set in! Looking for a reliable asphalt milling and road paving crew, the HOA board discovered the expertise of Finley Asphalt and Concrete, Virginia’s trusted road paving contractors.

Finley Crew Saves Local Roadways with Expert Asphalt Milling Services

asphalt milling road

The roads in the subdivision had weathered over the years, demanding a comprehensive repair solution. Finley Asphalt and Concrete had the right service: asphalt milling and overlay on the HOA roads. This multi-step approach began with milling, a technique designed to remove damaged pavement and prepare the road for revitalization. Following the milling, paving was expertly executed, creating a smooth and durable surface. The service process extended beyond the basics. After paving, the road underwent meticulous smoothing and finishing, ensuring not only a visually appealing result but also a safe and comfortable ride for residents and visitors alike.

Asphalt milling and paving offer a host of benefits for roadways. The process rejuvenates deteriorated surfaces, eliminating cracks and imperfections. It provides a fresh foundation, enhancing the structural integrity of the road. The result is a durable and aesthetically pleasing paved surface that stands the test of time, keeping the subdivision residents safe and improving their property values. If you’re dealing with a broken parking lot, road, or driveway, these kinds of resurfacing services are very cost-effective and take less time than fresh installation.

Our Ruther Glen HOA was thrilled with their new roads. One representative said, “They hustled all day and were able to get the job completed in the time frame that was stated. They left the site clean and raked out ruts made by equipment on the shoulders of the roadway.”

Finley Asphalt and Concrete’s commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of this project, showing why we’re the go-to crew for HOA paving solutions.

Want to improve your local property or roads? Contact one of our pavement experts for a consultation!

asphalt paving milling roadway

Revitalizing VDOT Rest Area: Finley’s Asphalt Resurfacing in Ladysmith, VA

In Ladysmith, VA, Finley Asphalt and Concrete undertook a transformative project for the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) at a critical rest area for semi-trucks. With a longstanding relationship with VDOT, Finley was entrusted with the task of addressing the damaged area with asphalt resurfacing for the safety of truckers.

The rest area presented a significant challenge, with broken and cracked pavement posing a danger to trucks. Complicating matters, certain sections of the lot had to remain open for emergency parking, making scheduling the project a delicate operation. Undeterred, our crew took on the task of resurfacing, prioritizing safety and efficiency.

Transformative Asphalt Resurfacing: Safeguarding VDOT Rest Area in Ladysmith, VA

The parking lot repair process began by milling the damaged pavement, which was then removed for recycling, aligning with environmentally conscious practices. Our innovative approach involved applying a thick layer of road paving over the exposed base, ensuring a robust and durable surface.

The benefits of this resurfacing process were manifold. Beyond addressing the immediate issues of broken pavement, it provided a long-term solution for the roadways. The exposed base received a protective layer, contributing to the overall structural integrity and lifespan of the rest area.

asphalt resurfacing milling VDOT

Client satisfaction was clear in the feedback we received. In the words of a representative from VDOT, “Everyone was safe on the job, the timing worked out, and the truck area looks great.” This testimonial not only highlights the success of the project but also emphasizes Finley’s commitment to safety, precision timing, and delivering visually impressive results.

Finley Asphalt and Concrete‘s expertise proved instrumental in revitalizing the VDOT rest area near Ladysmith, VA. The seamless execution of the project showcased the company’s dedication to safety, innovation, and client satisfaction, further solidifying its reputation as an industry leader in asphalt resurfacing solutions.

Contact us to see what we can do for your property!

asphalt resurfacing

3 Crews Save Richmond VA HOA with Road Paving

In the vibrant community of Richmond, VA, a local HOA faced the challenge of aging and worn-out asphalt roads. Having previously enlisted Finley Asphalt and Concrete for parking lot repair work, the board members turned to them once again for a more extensive project: road paving for the entire community.

The service performed by Finley involved deploying three dedicated crews to mill and pave the community roads. This comprehensive approach addressing the specific needs of the HOA, ensuring the longevity and durability of the new paved surfaces.

Revitalizing Richmond: Finley’s Expert HOA Paving Services

The road paving process began with asphalt milling, a crucial step in removing damaged pavement and preparing the foundation for the new surface. This careful repair process, carried out by skilled crews, laid the groundwork for the subsequent asphalt paving. The combination of milling and paving not only rejuvenated the roads but also enhanced their structural integrity, providing a sustainable solution for the community.

The benefits of this integrated approach are huge. Asphalt milling removes deteriorated surfaces, allowing for a fresh start. Then, paving seals the deal, creating smooth, durable roads that withstand the test of time. The HOA community in Richmond can now enjoy upgraded roads that contribute to the overall appeal and functionality of their neighborhood.

HOA road paving asphalt

Client testimonials speak volumes about the success of the project. A HOA Board Member from Randolph Square expressed satisfaction: “Finley Asphalt and Concrete Company paved our roads in 2023. Their employees were cooperative and professional. They completed our project on time and within budget. I highly recommend them!”

Finley Asphalt and Concrete‘s HOA paving services in Richmond exemplify their dedication to quality, professionalism, and client satisfaction. The revitalized roads stand as a testament to the company’s ability to transform community spaces, leaving a positive impact on residents.

Ready to improve your local area with road paving? Contact us today!

Finley’s Parking Lot Repair Saves Chesapeake VA Business

Do you know who you’d call when your broken parking lot is damaging vehicles? In the heart of Chesapeake, VA, a commercial property owner called Finley Asphalt and Concrete for just this problem, and we took their property from dangerous to delightful with professional parking lot repair. Hired to perform asphalt milling and paving for a car dealership’s lot, the Finley team encountered unexpected challenges but triumphed, showcasing their expertise and commitment to quality.

Overcoming Challenges: Finley’s Expertise Shines in Chesapeake Parking Lot Repair

Having previously worked with the client, the relationship was built on trust and a shared commitment to excellence. The project involved addressing deep cracks and potholes in the parking lot. The initial plan was milling and overlay, but upon commencement, the team discovered an issue with the sub-base: it was filled with sand, and paving over it would not bring about the desired results.

Undeterred by the challenge of excavation and base layer repair, our paving team took decisive action. They milled everything, performed full-depth reclamation, and then repaired the base, creating a solid subbase that ensured the longevity of their commercial pavement for decades to come. The area was then carefully repaved, resulting in a beautiful, durable surface that exceeded the dealership’s expectations.

Client feedback echoed the project’s success, with the dealership expressing their satisfaction: “We love our new lot! The vehicles have a smooth surface that we know will last for decades.” This positive outcome reinforces Finley Asphalt and Concrete’s reputation for delivering exceptional results despite unforeseen obstacles.

Licensed in VA, MD, DC, WV, and NC, we proudly serve Central VA, Maryland, and the DC Metro Area. Need parking lot repair in one of these areas? Contact Finley Asphalt & Concrete, industry leaders in commercial asphalt services.

Repairing concrete drive lanes at a rest area near Ruther Glen VA

Repairing Concrete Drive Lanes at a Rest Area Near Ruther Glen VA

Finley Asphalt and Concrete has provided the best paving solutions for over 58 years. We can execute our paving work through our diverse and sizeable division of experienced contractors. In addition, we focus heavily on our green initiative to recycle old paving materials; we maintain modernized equipment and are leaders in the pavement industry because of our dependable results.


We were recently contacted by a recurring client near Ruther Glen, VA, needing new concrete drive lanes in a rest area. We sent an estimator to get out to the rest area project site immediately. The first challenge for this roadway repair project was traffic control. Motorists had to keep informed of where our crew worked, so we deployed safety barricades, cones, and proper signage. With this kind of attention to detail, we ensured the client made the right choice in paving companies.


With this new construction, we could effectively make the rest area up to code to ensure everyone’s safety without causing financial distress. A day later, the client called us and asked us to proceed. We were happy to take care of this project for him.


The work consisted of removing the damaged and crumbling areas of pavement and replacing it with affordable and sturdy concrete that set quickly within 24 hours. This required much planning with traffic control, a complication we could easily overcome. Nevertheless, we completed this parking area repair within 24 hours.


We finished the concrete repairs without trouble, leaving the area accessible to people who wanted to use the rest area while we worked. We wore high-visibility safety vests and hard hats and followed many safety procedures. The client thanked us and said he was impressed with how fast we got it done with zero road accidents!


If you’re considering getting concrete or asphalt work done, Finley Asphalt & Concrete is the company to call. Contact us today to discuss your Virginia paving project.

School County Parking Lot Paving in Manassas VA

As Virginia’s most experienced paving company with over 60 years under our belt, Finley Asphalt & Concrete is trusted by all property owners. For example, we had a county school near Manassas, VA, contact us with a need for a new parking lot, a drainage pond for runoff, and new gutters and curbs to link the two. We sent an estimator out to the school property immediately. After a quick inspection, our estimator noticed that we would need to install stone alongside traditional concrete and asphalt paving. So we quoted the county school for the parking lot, drainage pond, and gutter installation services.

Our expert paving contractors could fix their parking lot drainage issues with these projects. Proper drainage is vital to keep pavement in good condition because standing water can weaken the asphalt, leading to cracks, potholes, and other pavement damage. Our drainage and asphalt experts were able to design a system that would keep their lot in good condition for decades.

The labor consisted of multiple crews working together to complete a drainage pond for runoff, a curb and gutter system, stone foundations, and new parking lot paving. We provided these repairs and new installations within a matter of days.

This parking lot paving project was done without issue, and we finished the work without school closures. The school district thanked us for our hard work, dedication to the task, and building a long-lasting solid parking lot that would last for many years.

Finley Asphalt and Concrete has served Manassas, VA, with the best paving solutions for over 58 years. We always strive to give our customers the best asphalt and concrete paving solutions, and we’re always happy when one of our clients is proud of our work. To get your property improved with new asphalt pavement, concrete drainage systems, or parking lots, contact us today for a free consultation!


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