Burke Station Pool Parking Lot Repair

We recently completed a parking lot repair project in Burke, VA, making the existing asphalt parking area more durable, smooth and easy to navigate.

The parking lot at Burke Station Pool was not in the best condition. Recognizing that the lot was due for repairs, the pool owner, who is an existing customer of ours, called us to get the ball rolling on the parking lot repair project.

During our Non-contact site visit we determined that the elevations needed to be adjusted and that the condition of the sub grade was questionable (so we factored in a line item in the estimate to address the sub grade). The client also wanted to have a new curb and gutter installed.

Our crew started by first removing the existing layer of pavement. The subgrade was in fact in poor condition so we applied the FDR method (full depth reclamation), mixing the existing subgrade with cement to a depth of 12 inches. We then compacted the new surface down, giving us a solid base to work with. Once the base was prepared, we installed a 2.5-inch base layer and a 1.5” surface course layer of asphalt.

The new lot looks beautiful and the customer loves it. He said the lot will be here for years to come!

Thanks for choosing Finley Asphalt & Concrete for your parking lot paving project!

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