Asphalt Milling and Paving Project near Reston VA

The asphalt paving professionals at Finley Asphalt & Concrete had the opportunity to mill and pave a large section of the community in Leesburg, VA (just 20 minutes northwest of Reson VA).

Several roads in the community needed repair. The roads were riddled with potholes and cracks. Residents had complained about the condition of the roads in several areas. Finley has paved for the community in the past so they knew who to call for the repairs.

After we were contracted to do the job, we were able to coordinate schedules and begin work later that year. The sub-base under the pavement was failing in some areas and was too deteriorated, but we were able to mill the surface and re-pave, which was a cost-effective option for the community. We milled the existing deteriorated asphalt pavement and fixed any failures and problems in the sub-base. We also re-graded and leveled then paved in layers.

Our team also sealcoated a portion of the community’s roads that our crew had paved in recent years.  Any cracks that had formed due to harsh weather conditions were patched or sealed before we sealed the road surface.

The roads are in excellent condition across town now and some residents have reached out to tell us what a great job we did. Thanks for choosing to work with Finley Asphalt & Concrete for your asphalt milling and paving needs!

Asphalt Paving Crew near Reston VA
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