“Finley exemplified professionalism. Our site was very scarce for space. Their crews were helpful, respectful, and pitching in at every facet of getting our street graded and paved to a great product. Looking forward to closing our job out strong side by side”

National General Contractor

“Finley does great work. I was at Lake Accotink on Sunday and saw all of your equipment from your outstanding paving job on the road leading into the park. Much appreciated, I might add. Looks and feels great driving on it. Way to go!”

Jim, St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church

“You all need to know how superior, wonderful, clean, precise, committed-to-the-job the contractor was that just took up the old asphalt on N. George Mason Drive between Old Dominion Drive and Little Falls Road for the last 2 weeks. I am 75 years old and have lived in this, my dream house, for 50 years. Never have I witnessed such professionalism in this part of street repair.

So much about their work caught my attention:
. the crew was on duty every minute – moving with precise purpose
. the driver guided the huge asphalt cutting machine perfectly along the concrete extending from the curb, shooting the broken asphalt into the slowly moving dump truck
. immediately 2 CATs swept up and disposed of the remaining debris
. one night the crew worked until 5:30 p.m. and were back at it – full speed – at 6:15 the next day! I never see that!
. trucks and machinery looked like they’d just rolled out of the showroom, which I thought they might have done, as they sparkled with cleanliness. Then it occurred to me that these well-practiced people might keep their trucks looking super-clean as part of their work and business ethic.
. the street looks vacuumed – perfectly cleaned, edges perfectly met with no chunks accidentally taken out of the curb extension concrete

Am I just newly paying attention to street crews? I don’t think so. I think that the County hired a particularly outstanding outfit that pays great attention to detail, where every worker takes pride in his work, focuses on doing his job at just the moment it’s time to jump in and looks happy doing it all!!!
No lolly gagging around, sitting down, extraneous talking to one another. All of these elements caught my attention to the point that I feel compelled to write you!”

Sue, Arlington County Resident


“It’s been exciting to see so much work getting done this week. I’ve been driving that road for the past 20 years and it’s amazing to do so now with no bumps whatsoever. Our park and staff vehicles thank you. And most importantly, our patrons should be very pleased“

Julie, Park Supervisor, Lake Accotink Park


“As you well know, paving streets and parking bays within townhome communities is a daunting task – Coordinating the scheduling and advance written notices to all residents, and still towing errant vehicles. In my over 30 years in the community management field, I have to say my experience with Finley Asphalt & Concrete has actually been one of the smoothest ever! From the onset, I cannot say enough good things about the conscientious and thorough crews and the men who oversee them. In all my years, I have never had a company contribute more to the “information process”. Kudos to Finley!”

Lin, Managing Partner, Stauffer Management