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Finley Asphalt & Concrete’s Newly Elected Chief Operating Officer & 2018 Corporate Upgrade

workManassas, VA – January 2, 2018. In the first yearly executive board meeting led by company President Lewis Finley, CEO Erick Finley (plus other leading members) of Finley Asphalt & Concrete, the 50+ year paving company unanimously assembled to carve out a brand new and significant position of CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER as a sign of a major internal upgrade.  This vital role was appointed to Mr. Glenn Shapiro on the eve of his first year anniversary when he assumed the title of Vice President.

Traditionally, a Chief Operating Officer position holds the leadership and management capacity necessary to ensure that the company has the proper operational controls in administrative, reporting procedures, and people systems. Creating this rank makes for an effective growth of the organization from the various significant angles while pursuing both financial strength and operational efficiency.

Fulfilling the title of COO, Glenn Shapiro was dubbed this position as part evidence of Finley’s  evolutionary directive from the “family-style” blueprint it was founded with- to the modernizing roadmap that its future expects and deserves.  He was chosen by the powers that be based on his level of commitment to the company’s overall mission. “By modifying our leadership structure, we are (now) able to better diversify, manage our productivity, cover more ground and gain new energy from new ideas… and having Glenn carry that mantle represents our step in the right direction”- states Erick Finley.

Mr. Shapiro defined his mark in the trade by working the many essential bases of growing an asphalt business from leadership positions.  He spent over 12 years in the paving industry and earned his reputation and his holistic understanding of the world of asphalt.  From companies on the rise to veteran pioneers like Finley, Glenn Shapiro’s stellar track record carries a consistent mark of renewed vision to support quality service while inspiring internal improvements for the company he represents. He led marketing teams, expansion projects and national campaigns for major asphalt companies in the Northeast (such as Greenpatch, Cold Mix Manufacturing, RCA Asphalt, and GemSeal to name a few). Glenn captured many major touchdowns in the municipal and commercial fronts while earning new trusting relationships from the top players.

Glenn Shapiro enters the new year ‘armed and ready’ with a new set of resources that grants him the keys to make even more of a difference and shape the next stage of success for the Finley brand.  His dedication to “spearhead the development, communication, and implementation of effective growth strategies” means adapting to today’s competitive arena and demands while facing the next phase of Finley’s performance design.

With headquarters in Bristow and Richmond, VA, Finley Asphalt and Concrete has been servicing the region’s commercial asphalt and paving needs for over 50 years and is recognized as one of the most reputable and top quality pacing contractors.  For more info, visit: www.finleyasphalt.com or for media contact: call Ryan Schray at 703-201-8807ryan@finleyasphalt.com

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